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Crime and Science Radio: Follow the Money: Catching Cheaters, Frauds and Con Artists — An Interview with Securities Fraud Investigator Richard B. York

Join Jan Burke and me for a special 2-part interview with Richard B. York

Richard York


Follow the Money: Catching Cheaters, Frauds and Con Artists — An Interview with Securities Fraud Investigator Richard B. York

Part 1: 2-27-16 and Part 2: 3-12-16

BIO: Richard B York began his career in Law Enforcement over forty years ago, when he became a police officer in Arkansas City, Kansas. He holds degrees in police science, criminal investigation and police administration, and received several certifications for financial crimes investigations.

From 1984-2011, he served in the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner in Wichita, Kansas, where he became the Director of Enforcement. This is the Kansas State agency overseeing registration and enforcement of investor related laws (The Kansas Uniform Securities Act).  He personally handled over 300 investigations and supervised over 1,000 investigations.  Most involved some form of fraud and overlap of other federal or state laws. Many investigations were coordinated with outside law enforcement agencies. His activities included training and supervising other investigators; working with federal, state, and local agencies; covert investigations investigations; training banking and law enforcement in S.A.R. — Suspicious Activity Reports — and government compliance; working with victims of financial crimes; case preparation and testimony in prosecutions of financial crimes.

Mr. York has been a professional musician from childhood, when he made frequent television appearances as a guitarist. He still participates in playing finger-style guitar at the Winfield Music Festival and elsewhere.




Link goes live Saturday 3-12-16 at 10 a.m. Pacific for Part 2


Financial Industry Regulatory authority:

(This link provides guidance to investors on securities brokers and securities transactions.  You can enter your broker’s name to determine if any disciplinary action has been taken.)

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):

(This link is to the U.S. Securities and Exchange. Information on actions taken against violators; educational section for investors)

North american Securities Administrators Association (NASAA):

(This link is to an association of State Securities Commissioner’s office. Investor education and state actions, such as criminal charges and cease and desist orders are available. It has a fraud education center and ability to check out registered brokers.)

ALSO: Every state will have a securities regulator, but sometimes that office is combined with various other state functions (eg: Secretary of State; Insurance Commissioner; Dept. of Commerce; Attorney General’s Office, etc.)

To find your own state securities commissioner’s office/website, just do a Google search:   (your state’s name) + securities

That will take you to a link that will allow you to get to your own state securities commissioner’s office and they will have postings for actions taken on suspects/companies; fraud alerts and lots of educational material.

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