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Master CraftFest is Coming July 5th

Come To NY for the July 4th Fireworks

Stay for Master CraftFest!

Writers learn their craft throughout their careers.

Take your writing and storytelling ability to the next level at Master CraftFest.


Master CF copy


Join our stellar group of teachers on Tuesday July 5, 2016 at ITW’s Master CraftFest, a hands-on workshop for writers of all levels. It’s an intense but extremely helpful day. Each class, which is limited to 10 students, will allow you to work with a best-selling author not on generalities but on your manuscript in progress. You’ll be placed in a class based on an evaluation of a ten-page sample of your work, so everyone in the class will be at roughly the same level of writing ability. Pull your chair up close, settle in for the day, get to know your fellow students and instructor, and deal with those tough issues in your manuscript. Is screenwriting a hot topic for you? We’ve got you covered. You’ll finish the class inspired and eager, and you’ll have some great networking opportunities too.

Stay around for CraftFest and ThrillerFest to round out your experience surrounded by thriller fans and authors!

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