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Cell Phone Tapping

Cell phone technology has exploded in recent years. Most of you have a phone in your pocket or purse that has more processing power than all of NASA did when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon in 1969.You might remember that his onboard computers became so overwhelmed as he guided the Eagle toward the moon’s surface that they constantly sounded alarms. His solution was to shut the computers down and fly by wire. Gutsy SOB.

Cell/PDA devices are now so ingrained in our society that most of us would be lost without them. Literally. Many of these devices have GPS and mapping capbilities. Couple that with E mail, Text Messages, Twitters, and all the other ways we have to keep in touch and you have a mobile office in your hand. But, is someone watching you? Listening in on your every conversation, reading your text messages, and following your movements as if you were suddenly dropped into some high-tech thriller? With current technology all this and much more is possible. Check out these videos and websites to see just how it’s done. Might be useful for self-protection or maybe for the thriller your plotting.

You Tube Vid on Cell Tapping

You Tube: Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?

And some services that will set this stuff up:

Professional Phone Spy Tools


Cell Spy Pro

And these were the ones I found in about a minute after Googling “cell phone tapping.” Check it out and you’ll see they’re many other companies doing exactly the same thing. This stuff is somewhere between amazing and frightening.

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