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Child’s Body Found in Sandbox

A disturbing story came out of Albuquerque, New Mexico this week. The body of a young boy, estimated to be 3-5 years old, was found buried in a sandbox in a public park. An autopsy has been performed but as yet the child has not been identified. Here’s a link to the AP story on this tragic event:

AP Story

This brings up the topic of body identification. The police and the medical examiner are often confronted with bodies that are unidentified. It is critically important that the victim of a murder be identified for the simple reason that 90% or more of all murders are perpetrated by someone who knows the victim. This goes back to motive. There are very few motives for killing a stranger but the world is full of motives for killing someone that you know. So the identification of a found corpse is critical in tracking down the killer.

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