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Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: Ever Feel Like You Could Sleep Forever?

Ever feel as if you could lie down, fall asleep, and not get up for days? Maybe after a bad week or some very stressful event? Or maybe work, or writing, has interfered with sleep for a few weeks and it all catches up?

We’ve all experienced that feeling.

So did Sleeping Beauty.


But what if you fell asleep for many weeks, or months? You could suffer from “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.” Also known as Kleine-Levin Syndrome, this odd neurological condition typically occurs in teenagers, particularly males. It often follows some infectious process such as the flu. The sufferer might sleep 20 or more hours a day and only awaken to eat or visit the bathroom. But even in the “more awake” periods, he or she seems “out of it” and highly irritable.

Examples are the situations with Nicole Delien, Stacey Comerford, and Louisa Ball.

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