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A Visit to the CBS Studios and the set of The Young and the Restless

Last week we ventured up to LA to visit the CBS Studios where we hung out with my friend Andrea Joel. I met Andrea through her sister Stephanie Joel, the marketing guru for Wiley and for Forensics For Dummies.

Andrea is the Set Decorator for the hit daytime series The Young and the Restless. Her sets are familiar to fans of the show.

Order in the court:

Where the judge hangs out:

Details, details: The court reporter’s station:

The Genoa City Athletic Club Set:

The Club Entrance:

The Bar:

The plates and napkins are produced by the graphics/design department and the attention to detail is apparent.

They even have their own hospital set up: Genoa City Memorial:

Waiting Room:

Nurses’ Station:

Hospital Bed:

Andrea is in charge of making each set accurate and believable. It is amazing the work, artistry, coordination, and attention to detail that is needed to create even the simplest set. A complex one is a true labor.

Where does Andrea get all the props she needs to create a believable hospital set? That would be from Frank Uchalik, the owner of Alpha Medical. We will visit him and his amazing prop warehouse in my next post.


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