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ITW Roundtable: July 18-24: Dialogue Can Be Tricky: How Do You Do It?



The unique and fun  ITW Roundtable series continues this week, July 18-24, with: Dialogue Can Be Tricky: How Do You Do It?

Dialogue can be tricky, as the author has to give each character a unique voice that is also distinct from his or her own. This week we’re joined by ITW Members Jean Harrington, Arthur Kerns, Bernard Maestas, L.S. Hawker, Shaun Harris, Lynn Cahoon, Terrie Farley Moran, J. C. Lane, Stephen Morrill, Steven Kuehn, Sharon Potts, Kat Martin, Elizabeth Noble, Susan Israel, Charles Atkins, D. P. Lyle, Joel Fishman, Jerry Kennealy and Alan Jacobson, to ask: How do you do it?

Join us for a lively discussion and exchange:


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