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Book Review: City Of The Sun by Juliana Maio

City of Sun


City Of The Sun by Juliana Maio

Greenleaf Book Group

Pub Date: March 9, 2014


389 pages

“. . . a well-written historical thriller.”

Set against the backdrop of Rommel’s North African Campaign and the Jewish community that huddled in Cairo, CITY OF THE SUN is an intriguing look into WWII history. Jews had enjoyed a peaceful existence in Cairo for many years but war changed everything. Will the British stop Rommel short of Cairo? Will the Jews be able to ride out the storm in Cairo or will they be forced to flee to the Sudan, Palestine, or anywhere they might be accepted? And what role will the newly minted and pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood play in the unraveling of Jewish life in Cairo?

Mickey Connolly, a US reporter and covert CIA operative, is on the hunt for a Jewish scientist, who is hiding in Cairo, in the hopes of bringing him to the US to work on the developing nuclear program. His endeavors to track down the illusive Erik Blumenthal are mirrored by a master German spy who wants Erik for the same reason—to help build an atomic bomb for the Third Reich. Mickey meets and becomes enthralled with Maya, a beautiful young Jewish woman, who is in limbo—living with relatives, planning an illegal escape to Palestine, and unsure what future lies ahead. Also, unbeknownst to Mickey, Maya is Erik’s sister. The story is a well-written historical thriller. Good characters, wonderful setting, and  a fascinating story, but for me the best part is the look into this little known slice of WWII history.

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