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ITW Announces Two New Events: FanFest and a Tweeting Contest

International Thriller Writers (ITW) has developed two new and exciting events for this year’s ThrillerFest: FanFest and a Tweeting Contest.

FanFest Logo



FanFest is a new program for ITW and ThrillerFest. A group of ITW author’s, including me, will host a cocktail party on Friday evening of ThrillerFest. Each author will invite special fans but the party is open to all attendees.

So if you are coming to ThrillerFest/CraftFest/AgentFest, don’t miss FanFest. It should be fun.



Win a $50 gift certificate for B&N! It’s so easy you can do it right from your computer or mobile device!

If you’re attending ThrillerFest, CraftFest, AgentFest or FanFest, just use the hashtag #Thriller13. Tweet about your prep for the event, the event, the workshops, your experiences, who you met, whatever you like! On Saturday July 13 at noon, we will search for the hashtag and count the number of tweets! The person with the most tweets, using the hashtag #Thriller13 wins the $50 gift certificate! Come on! You were going to tweet anyway, right?

If you are NOT attending, but want to participate and keep up-to-date on all the excitement during the event, just follow the hashtag #Thriller13 and re-tweet the ones you love the most! The person with the most re-tweets will also win a $50 gift certificate for B&N!

Don’t know how to search for the hashtag? Go to and sign into your account. Look at the top right, and you will see the “Search” bar. Type in #Thriller13, and you can find the posts and become part of the fun!

Kimberley Howe

Executive Director, ThrillerFest

International Thriller Writers



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