One response to “near-death-experience-1

  1. Debbie Wilson

    January 15, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    When I Died

    I have been to the place we call death twice in my lifetime,
    The wonderful news is all I felt was welcome, comfort and love.
    I heard my son yelling for me to come back his voice full of strife,
    God heard him too, because he sent me back from heaven above.

    I was never unconscious so I was literally able to hear every word,
    Words like “she has coded, her pupils are fixed and dilated,” and intubation.
    My son’s plea was the loudest most meaningful thing I heard.
    Now I have plans in place to help him cope, with the inevitable information.

    All people live and then they die. What you do while alive counts with every breathe,
    While I was dying my prayers were for all of my loved ones to be alright.
    There was no hesitancy or fear as I entered the realm we call death,
    Even without the ability to see it was as if for the first time I had 20/20 sight.

    I have been able to tell my grandson I will always be alive in his heart,
    I have been able to tell my mother thank-you for teaching me how to diligently pray.
    I have been able to watch my son turn into a wonderful man,
    I am happy and content to be alive yet one more time to be amazed by each new day.

    I have died, I have lived, and I remembered everyone I ever loved during the death experience,
    I was content in my knowledge and there was nothing I had left unsaid.
    In my mind and heart I guess I was able, with the grace of God,
    to do it the way I would have hoped I would have the opportunity to plan dead.

    Thank-you God for a learning experience I hope will bring hope to others,
    as they pray for the health and welfare of their dying loved ones.
    The only thing I am sure of is God had a good reason for allowing me to come back,
    and I take that responsibility with great honor, pride, purpose and a job I want well done.

    So I am passing this on to you, with a sincere prayer that each of you will realize the difference in good and evil. If you haven’t made things right with your maker, right now would be a great time!
    There is a heaven and hell and many of you have experienced hell here on earth,
    Until you make things right with God nothing in this life is ever really going to be fine.

    Debbie Wilson
    Debbie Wilson’s Family Brain Injury Blog



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