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Miaow Miaow: Not a Noisy Kitty But a Really Bad Cat

I have a very noisy cat. The Bean. He’s a Bengal. If you know anything about this breed they come from Abyssinians and Asian Leopard Cats, a wild breed. The Bean is a nocturnal roamer who can make about 100 different sounds, some of which are as if he’s dying. Not to worry all his yaps translate to “ME.” We call him Mr. Me Me Me. After all, it’s all about him.

But that’s not the cat we’re talking about here.

Just when you thought taking a soak in the tub was a great stress reliever, a new player enters the picture.

Miaow Miaow is mephedrone, a potentially dangerous synthetic derivative of the active drug in the East African Khat plant. It is similar in structure and action to Ecstasy and Methamphetamine. And it’s legal. So far.

This new drug of abuse can be found in some plant foods, incense products, and bath salts. Inhaling its fumes gives the “herbal high” and could be potentially deadly. Yes, your bath salts could kill you. This is a growing problem for drug enforcement but for writers it’s a new drug to play with.


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