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So You Want To Be a Military Trauma Surgeon

So you want to be a trauma surgeon. Better yet, a military trauma surgeon. You might want to rethink that.

Trauma surgeons live in a very high-stress, high-velocity world. At a moment’s notice they can be summoned to the emergency department to handle some catastrophe. Maybe the victim has absorbed some small arms fire during a domestic dispute. Maybe he crammed his hybrid tin can into a telephone pole. Maybe that back alley knife fight turned into a piñata contest. Regardless the trauma surgeon can find himself dealing with some very severe and time-sensitive injuries.

The old Grim Reaper hangs on his shoulder everyday, waiting his turn. It’s the trauma surgeon’s duty to keep him at bay. His goal is to save the trauma victim’s life and repair the damage.

Typically, a trauma surgeon worries about the victim’s life, not his own. But a military trauma surgeon can face an entirely different set of concerns. His life could be in jeopardy. Check out this video. If this isn’t drama I don’t know what is.


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