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Next Dub Walker Book Set for June Release

Welcome to 2011. Hope this proves to be a stellar year for each of you.

I just got the ARCs for my next Dub Walker book, HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL, the follow up to STRESS FRACTURE. It will be out in hardback this June. Here is the cover and an excerpt:





“What kind of sick fuck would do that?” T-Tommy asked. “Hack up these girls, patch them up, and then kill them?”

“The world’s full of candidates,” Stone said.

“Maybe some surgeon decided to dump his bad cases,” one of the techs said.

Stone offered a grim laugh. “Probably an HMO.”

T-Tommy returned his attention to the bodies. Cause of death? No way he could tell. He’d leave that to the MEs.

He stood and circled the corpses. He noticed the edge of a tattoo peeking around the side of one of the bodies. It was low, near the base of the spine. He tugged on a pair of latex gloves, dropped to one knee, and rolled the body on one side. The stiffness told him that death had been at least twenty-four hours or so earlier and not more than forty-eight. Fit the level of decay and the lack of visible maggots. Sometime Wednesday most likely. He could now see that the tattoo, a yellow rose wrapped in thorns, extended across the victim’s lower back. “Shit.”

“That’s her,” Stone said. “In report this morning we got a BOLO on a missing girl. Blonde, nineteen, rose tattoo on her back. I’ve got it in my car. I’ll see who filed it.”

T-Tommy stood. “Dub Walker.”


“Dub Walker filed it. He’s looking for her.” T-Tommy sighed and looked up. The sun approached its noonday zenith in the cloudless sky, and the temperature had begun its daily rise. “Nothing like a double homicide to screw up a perfect spring day.”


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