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Dexter Made Me Do It

That’s the defense used by 18-year-old Andrew Conley in his bid to avoid a life sentence. There is no doubt that Andrew strangled his 10-year-old brother to death. He confessed that. He confessed to being driven to do it. He said it was like being hungry for a hamburger. After he killed his brother he visited his girlfriend to give her a “sweetheart ring.” Somewhere between touching and psychopathic.

It turns out that Andrew has fantasized about killing people since he was in the eighth grade. He said he once stood over his sleeping father, knife in hand, and contemplated killing him. He apparently was a big fan of DEXTER and identified with everyone’s favorite serial killer. After all, Dexter killed his brother, too. What’s a boy to do? Of course, like Dexter, his brother was a serial killer, while Andrew’s brother was simply a young man with a future.

Dexter aside, if the facts are as reported, young Andrew might to be a serial killer in the making. The fact that he fantasized about murder for years, the fact that he considered killing his father, the fact that he did kill his brother, and the fact that after the murder he went about the seemingly normal task of giving a ring to his girlfriend, all point toward a lack of empathy and a large dose of sociopathy. I don’t know what Andrew’s ultimate penalty will be but I would suspect longer rather than shorter might be the safer route.

One more thing: DEXTER returns Sunday


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