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10 Criminals Dumber Than Crime-Guest Blogger

Everyone knows crime does not pay- someone should have told these criminals this- as they clearly did not get the message. The following criminals should have researched their crime books a little closer:

Jeff Rarey- Rarey, a 54 year old man made his way through an Indianapolis Airport and when he reached the security check point he told security that he had “a big bomb in his belly.” Of course, Rarey was referring to the Cinnabon and pizza he had rumbling around in his stomach, but security didn’t think it was too funny and he was arrested on a charge of false reporting.

Henry Lee Bobo– When police showed up to investigate a robbery, they didn’t have to look very far- Henry Lee Bobo had left his id behind. Not surprisingly, when cops caught up with him a couple blocks from the store, he was wearing the stolen items with the price tags still attached and was arrested.

Kevin Crockett– 25 year old Crockett robbed a bank in downtown Cincinnati, giving the tellers notes that demanded cash and then fled the bank. Only problem was, Crockett was so fast to get away he dropped his wallet on the sidewalk outside, which was stained with ink from an exploding dye pack in the bag of cash. Crockett’s wallet contained identification and he was found and arrested a couple of days later.

Andrea Elliot– Police were attempting to arrest 44 year old Andrea Elliot when she called 911- on herself. Elliot, who was being arrested for aggravated disorderly conduct called 911 and said she needed help because she was being arrested. Elliot was also slapped with an additional charge of making a false 911 call.

Ricky Hefflin– While attempting to enter a Fulton County Courthouse, Hefflin was stopped after looking nervous before going through the metal detectors. Noticing a bulge in Hefflin’s pocket, an officer asked him to empty out his pockets to which he refused and claimed he didn’t have anything on him. After being searched, police found a bag with 19 smaller bags inside containing marijuana and he was arrested.

Nathan Pugh– Attempting to rob a bank that he was a customer of, Nathan Pugh handed the teller a Whataburger bag with a note inside that read, “this is not food” claiming that the bag was a “bom.” The teller asked Pugh to see identification after he demanded $2000 and he complied as she hit the silent alarm and was arrested before he could even leave the bank.

Crystal Whittaker– Along with an accomplice, Whittaker stuffed $300 worth of clothing in a shopping bag inside of the JcPenney’s dressing room and ran off. Only problem was Whittaker left something behind- her 10 month old baby. While making her dash through the parking lot, she also threw her purse which had her identification in it.

Charlie Horn– 22 year old Charlie Horn was arrested for burglarizing a home in Ohio. After initially trying to deny the incident and claim his innocence police were convinced they had their man- Horn had been wearing a court-ordered GPS tracking unit. The police were able to put him at the scene of the crime and track his every move.

Yancy Cochran– Cochran showed up at an Iowa Courthouse to bail out one of his friends who had been arrested for unpaid parking tickets. After Cochran paid the 300 hundred dollar fine in fake 50 dollar bills he was arrested and later confessed to making the bills at his home. Cochran was charged with a felony, forgery that is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Dwayne Davis– Police in Florida had been showing a store’s surveillance video and asking for help from the public in apprehending an unidentified man seen pistol whipping another man. A news station had been showing a segment of local unsolved crimes and Davis phoned the police department to ask why his picture was on the news.


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