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Stupid Criminals: Stephfon Bennett

This will be the first installment of a recurring series that I am titling Stupid Criminals. There are a lot of them out there and when you hear about them sometimes you just have to shake your head. On 1-7-10, I posted the story of the less than clever serial killer LaMarques Devon McWilliams. He would easily fit into this category.

So would Stephfon Bennett.

It seems that Bennett and a couple of his buddies decided to pull off a robbery and they chose Daniel Martinez Batista and Diana Martinez as their victims. They approached them outside their apartment building and walked away with a wallet and purse. A successful outing for the larcenous crew. But apparently Bennett found Diana very attractive so he returned to the apartment to ask her out for a date. She of course recognized him as one of the robbers and the police were summoned and Bennett was hauled away.

Some people are just not bright enough to be successful criminals.


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