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Got to Admire His Huevos

OK, this happened in my hometown. My only question is whether this young man is a future criminal or a mystery writer? Maybe both.

It seems that a middle schooler told police he had been kidnapped by a man in a “beat up red car” and that the man had threatened to kill him. The young man managed to escape with his band instrument but had to leave his backpack behind.

Police didn’t buy the story and soon the youngster came clean–he made up the entire story so he wouldn’t have to bring home the less than stellar school report card that was in his backpack. The boy is fine, though I’m sure in a bit of trouble on the home front, the police have a funny story to tell, and the backpack has yet to be found.

On a historical note: The aspiring criminal/mystery writer attended Ed White Middle School, a school named after the Apollo 1 astronaut who died in the tragic capsule fire on January 27, 1967 as it sat on Pad 34 at Cape Canaveral. Fellow astronauts who died with Ed White were Virgil “Gus” Grissom and Roger Chaffee. To honor these 3 men, the city of Huntsville named schools after them: the Roger B. Chaffee Elementary School, the Ed White Middle School, and the Virgil I. Grissom High School.

Apollo1 Crew

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