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Cooning: A New Sociopathic Sport?

Wisconsin is a beautiful state with thick forests, beautiful lakes, and abundant wildlife. But from the backwoods comes a very disturbing story. It seems that 15 people, aged 17 to 22, from Beaver Dam High School, have invented a new sport they call “Cooning.” It involves hunting down wild animals, such as raccoons and possums, and beating them to death with clubs and bats that have been spiked with nails and screws.

They keep score!

I suspect the winner gets a trip to the psychiatrist. Hope he takes all his buddies with him.

The group has been cited with 158 violations ranging from killing protected animals to hunting without licenses and hunting with illegal weapons. Really? Those are the only laws they broke?

Though this particularly sick game might be new, these guys are not alone in their cruelty. Earlier this year three men were cited for running down and killing deer with snowmobiles.

What is going on in the back woods of Wisconsin?

This stuff makes me crazy. Maybe each of them should be given their little club and put in a cage with a full-grown and under-fed Bengal Tiger. See how that works out for them.


Cooning Club Journal Sentinel Article

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