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The Zodiac a Merchant Marine?

If you believe Robert Tarbox, the Zodiac killer was a merchant marine. According to Tarbox, now 82, in the early 1970s a man came into his office stating that he was a merchant marine and that he was responsible for the Zodiac killings. He asked what the consequences would be if he turned himself in. Tarbox told him the outcome would not be good, that he could receive the death penalty or at best life imprisonment. The man left the office and was never seen again. Tarbox never told anyone about this until now, client privilege and all that being in play.

Over the years many names have cropped up as the possible Zodiac killer but none have panned out. The most recent, Arthur Leigh Allen, went all the way to DNA testing before his involvement in the killings was ruled out. The zodiac remains one of the great mysteries in criminal history.

Zodiac Sketch

SF Chronicle


Jeffrey Locker Case Update

My daddy always told me that nothing good happens after midnight and this is definitely the case in the Jeffrey Locker situation. As I suspected when I first read about this murder, it appears that the hooker he was planning to visit was involved. It seems that around 3 a.m., after Locker purchased condoms at a local deli, he made a call to a woman that he apparently saw a regular basis. It seems she drew her to him to Paladino Avenue where two accomplices were waiting. Police believe one of the men got in the back seat and the other the passenger seat, the guy behind him slipping a cord round Locker’s neck and holding him immobile while they tortured him to obtain his ATM PIN number. They then stabbed him to death, leaving him in his car, where he was found around 11:30 a.m.

Shortly thereafter, the images of a male and female were captured on video cameras as they made seven $200 cash withdrawals from Locker’s account at various ATM machines. The woman may also have been caught on another surveillance camera in the area of the crime scene.

*Jul 16 - 00:05*

Photo of Crime Scene.

It has been said many times that a cop’s best friend is the criminal, simply because most of them aren’t that bright. Let’s see, they’ll never find out about the phone call and snatching money from ATMs is no problem. Yeah, we can pull this off. Maybe get a few hundred bucks and have a little fun. What the hell, no one will ever know we did it. Do these people not watch CSI or the news?

Hooker’s on the Hook

Hook Holds the Key


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