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The Birth of a Serial Killer?

Is this the face of a fledgling serial killer?


Let me say up front that Tyler Hayes Weinman has not been convicted of anything and remains innocent until proven otherwise. But he, or whoever did the series of cat killings and mutilations in Florida, could very well be a fledgling serial killer. Read about this horrible case:

Miami Herald Article

MSNBC Article

What is most disturbing about this series of crimes is that this psychopath is displaying some distinctly serial killer traits. Besides the cruel and inhumane killing and mutilation of these innocent cats, in some cases he posed the mutilated pets in the owners front yard. Posing often indicates some deep psychological need and often serves as the serial killer’s signature. It has nothing to do with planning, perpetrating, and getting away with the crime, but rather serves some profound need in the killer. Is this the case here? It would appear so.

The old dogma that serial killers have a common background that includes neglect and abuse of various types simply doesn’t hold true anymore. These killers come in many flavors and have widely varying backgrounds and life experiences. But profilers do believe that certain childhood behaviors are so common among this group of sociopaths that they can be predictive, at least to some degree. The big three are: bed wetting, fire starting, and animal cruelty.

Read more about Childhood Psychopaths in these two excellent articles by my good friend Dr. Katherine Ramsland:

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