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Fetal Theft in Oregon

Heather Snively was 21 years old, pregnant, and looking forward to the birth of her child. Unfortunately she crossed paths with Korena Roberts, who apparently had been telling everyone that she was pregnant, with twins no less. She wasn’t. So I guess she needed a baby to cover her lie. Sounds as though she needed two but regardless she found an unwilling donor in the person of Heather Snively.

It is alleged that Roberts lured Snively to her home, killed her, and then cut her near-term child from her womb. The autopsy done on Heather Snively supports this scenario. On Friday, June 5, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue was summoned to the Roberts home, apparently because a child was in distress. They found Roberts’ boyfriend attempting CPR on a newborn and Roberts herself told police that she had just delivered the baby. It didn’t take long for doctors to figure out that that wasn’t the case. Then the body of Heather Snively was found a crawl space in Roberts’ home. Roberts was arrested for murder. The child did not survive and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Here are some links to the story:

Oregonian Story


I know many of you are asking how on Earth is this possible? Not just the psychological defects that someone must have to do this, but physically how is it done? Is it that easy to remove a living baby for its mother’s womb? Not really.

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Albino Murders in Tanzania

Here’s an odd series of cases that you don’t see everyday. Apparently over the past 18 months more than 40 albinos have been murdered in Tanzania. These cases involve witch doctors and witchcraft and greed. Apparently the witch doctors have been killing albinos, selling their body parts, and using them to make various magical potions. Now it seems that 4 men are going to be put on trial for these activities. You can read more about it here:

BBC News Story

Tanzanian Albino Child

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